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Our Story thus Far ...
Frustrated with the “over-worked, under-paid” job market for Robots in the year 3526, one Robot (designation number: 44) uses a time machine to hurl himself into the past, in search of a brighter yesterday and a health plan with a co-pay of less than $30. Seizing the proper opportunity, Robot 44 is now in business for himself, secure in his secret base in Kansas City, and ready to serve you.

Robot 44 is the Robot to see if you need web design, graphic design, creative services, or temporary help in Kansas City and abroad. Your website is a direct link between you and your customers, and Robot 44 has solutions in E-Commerce, Informational Sites, and economical Cookie-Cutter Sites. He is also a Certified ShopSite™ Designer.

The Robot can help you with your traditional design problems. From logo design to promotional mailers the Robot can work with you to make unique, creative, professional print works (usually with a bit of humor).

New Phone Number for 2009
Robot 44 has moved! Our new phone number is 816-373-2828!.

October 19, 2009
Who let out all the monkeys? Ookoodook is the site with a the kooky name and fun comics and games. Featuring the comic "Order of the Stick" and the game "Duck! Duck! Go!" by Ape Game. Powered by ShopSite, the Robot had to work with a premade layout and color scheme. He created templates that the client could later add pictures and text to. This is the first site to utilize multiple images on the products page.

.April 15, 2009
Arrowhead Forensics
Their new print catalog is out, and their new website reflects the fresh look along with a completely updated database of products. Powered by ShopSite™, over 2000 products and 350 pages.

March 21, 2009
Auka Enterprises
This is another site where their designer couldn't work within ShopSite. The Robot took what they had, and created the site, helping the client get their products up and the site working.

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