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Ka-Ching!While a wild, new way of doing business only a few years ago, today it’s a way millions of people buy every thing from a used paperback novel to a platinum and diamond engagement ring. The Robot can help you get on board and sell your products on the World Wide Web. If you currently use E-Commerce the Robot can help redesign your site to make it easier to use and more professional looking.

Perhaps you don’t sell directly to the public; you can use E-Commerce to sell directly to your distributors and dealers. The site can be kept from the public, and allow your dealers to receive their special pricing and make their orders at any hour of the day.

Robot 44 offers two solutions for E-Commerce. The Robot is a Certified ShopSite™ designer, and has partnered with LexiConn to provide full service for this powerful and versatile program. Check out our ShopSite™ page for details.

The Robot also offers another powerful and affordable option. Teaming up with, the Robot is able to offer an easy to use and customize E-Commerce software package that starts at $250 a year. This includes a Secure Certificate, insuring you and your customers that any transaction is performed securely.

For getting your product images on the web, Robot 44 offers his graphics skills to cut out the backgrounds and optimize the color and file size.

If your solution requires something more customized, Robot 44 has several experienced associates who are programmers in PERL, ASP, and PHP. He is also willing to work with any programmers you may already be using. He excels at working with programmers to make coded sites look great.

Call or email the Robot today to see how he can help you join the world of E-Commerce.

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