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ShopSite! ShopSite™ is a powerful and versatile E-Commerce program offered by ShopSite™ Inc. With its incredibly easy user interface, anyone can create and manage a database of thousands of products and take advantage of plug-ins, such as a Fed-Ex rate calculator.

Let the Robot Create Your ShopSite™ E-Commerce Site
Robot 44 is a Certified ShopSite™ Designer and can work with you to get your online store up and running. The Robot can create your custom look and feel, and help with the architecture, leaving you to work on getting your products entered in the database (and continue to run your business).

Let the Robot Finish What Others Have Started
ShopSite™ can be intimidating to an designer unfamiliar with it. Often times the Robot will help out after another designer has already developed the look and feel. No problem! The Robot can jump in, take the reigns, and get the needed ShopSite code placed to make the site work.

Let the Robot Help with an Existing Site
Many times people need help adding to their current ShopSite™ site. Robot 44 excels at taking existing designs and making the updates with out disturbing the overall look and flow of the site.

Let the Robot do the Boring Stuff
If there is one thing a Robot is good at, its mind numbing, repetitive tasks. This would include optimizing and COBing product images and populating the product and page database.

Robot 44 is Compatible with a Wide Array of Hosts
Robot 44 can work with your current ShopSite™ host, or if you are still shopping for a host, can help you get set up with its hosting partner LexiConn. To learn more about ShopSite™, feel free to browse their site.

View the portfolio and resumé for examples of ShopSite™ work, and then call or email the Robot!

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