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Ask the Robot! Need an idea? Looking for a little extra creative OOMPH? Call Robot 44. Funny, creative, and good with children, Robot 44 would be glad to sit in and brainstorm for your next creative project. Print ads, logo/branding development, web sites, television commercials and other tasks that could use a robotic wit.

Sometimes a fresh set of optical sensors can breath new life into a project. Using someone else's perspective might open up new and better options. He can also look at existing work and critique it, making recommendations on how it could be better.

Maybe you need an extra set of hands... or in this case multi-function grasping devices. The Robot can fill in for when you are short handed. As a Temporary Worker, you get the benefits of a qualified, professional designer - with out the hassle of a hiring process and increase in payroll. Learn more how he can help you meet that deadline.

Robot 44's fees are affordable and your satisfaction guaranteed! So, hop on the phone and call the Robot at (816) 737-8378, or email him.

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