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Ask the Robot!Owning a business of any size can be a monumental task. At times you may find yourself short handed for a large project or several small ones. Instead of hiring a new designer that you may have to layoff when the project is done, considering working with the Robot!

Robot 44 can work at your place of business, or at his own location and communicate through phone and email. Consider using him for temporary work to save you time and money.

The process to hire someone can be exhausting. You have to filter through resumes and portfolios to find candidates to interview. While this process is going on, the project continues short handed, adding stress to your employees as the unmeetable deadline draws closer. Then you call the Robot.

In a flash the Robot appears through the freshly seared hole he created with his eye lasers*. He arrives ready to jump in and get to work. His computer is mobile and he can bring his work with him where ever he goes. Unlike a new hire, the Robot requires no health insurance, no 401k or IRA with matching funds, and no worrying about paying all the taxes that come out of a standard pay check - just an invoice and 1099 at the end of the year (optional). Your accountant will love you!

Robot 44's fees are affordable and your satisfaction guaranteed! So, hop on the phone and call the Robot at (816) 373-2828, or email him.

*Freshly seared holes via eye lasers are an extra fee. Do you know how many AA batteries a 10.7SMW laser requires?

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