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Hot and Fresh!Robot 44 offers up a cheap but good solution for people starting out or on a tight budget. He could have come up with a snazzier name. But lets call “a duck” a duck. The Robot has came up with a professional looking and versatile template to build your website. Using your logo, colors, and a photo provided by you, the Robot can have your site up for as little as $500.

This is ideal for people wanting to get a small site about their company up and on the web. Unlike do-it-yourself solutions, or the guy who will do it for free (when and if he has time), the Robot will get your site done in a timely and professional manner. Having a clean site that reinforces your brand and image just gives more creditability to your customers. This can be great as a stepping stone, allowing you to invest in a custom site later down the road, while still having a professional web site.

Look though our portfolio to see some examples of our cookie-cutter sites. Though they each have their own look and style, they have the same layout and in many cases the same code.

Call or email the Robot today and see if a cookie-cutter site is right for you.

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