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The Future! In the Future, most common and tedious tasks, such as designing web sites or creating promotional pamphlets, are performed by Robots. These metal denizens are specially programmed, extraordinarily efficient, and without a labor union. Employing thousands of Robots, a company can come up with a near infinite number of variations of a particular project in order to find the perfect fit for the client. Needless to say, this work isn’t exceptionally fulfilling, as the chances one Robot has that its design is actually used is slim. It also does not satisfy the Robot’s need to create. To add to the problem, a Robot’s wage is governed by supply and demand (and the fact they can just make more Robots as the demand increases) a Robot can barely afford to pay for its necessary, and costly, oil changes.

So it should be of no surprise that in the year 3526, one Robot escaped from his cubicle at Acme Web Design and broke into the Acme Time Travel Research Facility B. Bidding a quick farewell to the Future, Robot 44 (as he was number 44 of 10,000 in the North Eastern Wing of the Acme Web Design College) activated an experimental time machine, hurling himself into the past!

Robot 44 arrived in the year 2004. Eager to begin life anew, and in search of a brighter yesterday and a health plan with a co-pay of less than $30, Robot 44 began scouting for web design jobs. Unfortunately, there are some legal hurdles for an undocumented Robot from the year 3526 who lacks any form of what we would call “proper identification”.

So in late 2004, Robot 44 decided to go out on his own and start his own freelance company. Now he is ready to offer his services in the field of web design, ShopSite design, graphic design, as well as consulting on any creative issues. Robot 44 suggests you look around, check out what he has to offer, look at his work, and then call or email to see what he can do for you.

And whatever you do, don't pay any attention to The Man in the Machine!

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