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Client: CSA The Movie
Type: Promotional Web Site

CSA is a film by local director Kevin Willmott. The film is a bit controversial, as it portrays the United States as it would be today if the Confederate States had won the Civil War. It is less of a historical 'what if', and more of a Twilight Zone meets a black comedy. It does do something that few other films have done in promoting dialog on the past issue of slavery, using humor to lighten the mood.

The film borrows from Kevin Burn's PBS Documentary, "The Civil War", wrapping itself in the guise of a BBC produced documentary about the History of the CSA. Where the Robot came in was creating an alternate timeline from the first succession to today for the promotional web site. It was a treat to work with Kevin an creating an alternative history to breathe more life into the CSA as portrayed in the film. Few of the items are addressed in the film, so the Robot had a lot of freedom choosing which events to address and alter.

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