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Site Address:
Client: Airgun Designs
Type: Informational Site with Community Forums

Launch Site!Robot 44 is an avid paintball player, so when he was approached by one of the top manufactures to work on a site for them, he jumped at the chance. They had just bought the rights and forum of a fan-made site named after their product, the Automag. Robot 44 began by cleaning up the poor code and inconsistent look. At one point the traffic to the forum became so great that he had to partner with a new ISP that could handle it. Together they upgraded the forum software to make it run and look better.

The forum is seen as a great success by Airgun Designs. The president of the company himself will log on and ask the members questions. From their posts he has helped focus his companies direction, as well as use them to assist in design ideas. The forum is also the first spot they post new products. From there, other paintball related news sites will link to the news offered. Forum users also will spread the information through other forums and chat rooms, making it a marketing tool. Indeed, it has created a large sect of customer loyalty.

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